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Staying in touch over long distances has never been cheaper! Lunar Outpost Affiliate, Net2Phone™ allows you to place long distance photo calls over the Internet - CHEAP!

Here's what the top tech review website CNET said about Net2Phone:
"Among Internet phones, Net2Phone offers you the most savings for the least amount of trouble. Net2Phone's audio quality is no match for our home phone line, but in our tests, this system fared far better than the competition. Net2Phone charges reasonable rates, and in a throwback to the Internet's glory days, it delivers the first five minutes of calls to U.S. numbers for free. Net2Phone is our hands-down choice among online calling options." (Source: CNET 3/19/02 Read their review)

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Net2Phone CommCenter is available for most PCs using Windows 95 or newer with a sound card, speakers, and a PC microphone. You will need to download the software by clicking on the ad to the right and install it on your PC. This is a simple step-by-step process and should only take a few minutes.

Net2Phone gives you five minutes per call for free, then charges incredible low rates for more time.

Net2Phone CommCenter is the granddaddy of Internet phones, and with some recent improvements, particularly in audio quality, it reclaims the top spot. Not only does CommCenter's call quality beat that of Dialpad and iConnectHere, it's also the cheapest of the three.





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