Denverite Article Features Lunar Outpost's Canary Air Quality System

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Lunar Outpost Enters NASA Earth and Space Air Prize Competition

Lunar Outpost Inc enters NASA's Earth and Space Air Prize competition looking to Space-ify and improve the Canary Air Quality monitoring system it has developed for the City and County of Denver. Lunar Outpost developed its air quality monitoring technology earlier this year for use in the human habitats on the Moon or other locations in space. Lunar Outpost applied this technological expertise to develop the earth-bound Canary Air Quality Monitoring System (Canary) which will see its first implementation in early 2018. Canary is designed to be at the top of its class in accuracy, reliability and cost.

Lunar Outpost is poised to develop another advanced air quality monitoring system for use on board the International Space Station as part of the competition. Significant improvements on the Canary Air Quality system will come from developing key components in-house, allowing for a more robust, and longer lasting space rated model that can be adjusted for use in various applications (Smart City, EPA, mining, health..).

Lunar Outpost is participating in the NASA competition to secure funding and partnership for development of the Canary-II providing improved monitoring of particulate matter. Future iterations will have capabilities to monitor other pollutants, such as Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and more.

WIRED Article Features Lunar Outpost's CEO Justin Cyrus

Lunar Outpost’s CEO, Justin Cyrus was featured in an article by WIRED magazine detailing a new Space Resources program at the Colorado School of Mines. Check it out through the link below. “Then there’s Justin Cyrus…”